Tel: 454 8054

Head of Public Infrastructure Department:Mr. D. Seebaluck Extension: 317
Civil Engineer : Mr. P. Pattoo Extension: 323
Chief Inspector of Works: Mr D.Goonjur Extension: 227
Engineering Assistant: Mr Mohammad Arshad Mohanut Extension: 332
Senior Inspector of Works: Mr. B. Soocandram Extension: 332
Inspector of Works:Mr. D. Baljoo, Mr. A. Sevatheean, Mr. V. Soorjonowa Extension: 264
Complaints Extension: 264 / 302
Street lighting Extension: 264 / 302


Head of Department Mr. I. Subratty Ext 270
Planning and Development Officer Mr A. Moolye Ext 271  
Chief Building Inspector Mr. Auchombit Ext 325  
Planning Development Inspector Mr Avinash Hurril Ext 271


Counter   Ext 265  
Senior Building Inspector Mr. A.Jeewon

Ext 322

Building Inspector Mr. J.L. Veder Ext 274  

Building Inspector

Mr. S. Cadapen

Ext 272


Building Inspector

Mr. I. Tengur

Ext 274


Cadastral Officer

Mrs N.Bootun

Ext 226


Assistant Cadastral Officer Mr. R. Munoruth Ext 226  
MSO Mrs. V. Poorranpotty Ext 230  
Word Processing Operator Miss F.Gukhool Ext 268  


Fax 466 0571

Financial Controller Mr. S. Veerasamy extension 233
Principal Accountant Vacant extension 283
Accountant Ms. A.Sreekissoon extension 235
Local rate Miss Usha Radhakrishna extension 282
Taxi licences and publicity   extension 241


Mr. S. Dooblad

Mrs. C.Louis / Mr. Y. Golab Nabee

extension 292

extension 241

Expenditure Section Miss A.Soodharry  extension 236
Principal Procurement and Supply Officer Miss Babita Ramdhony extension 237
Head of Pay Mr. Manfred Adam extension 238



Tel: 454-8054.

Chief Health Inspector Mr. I. Erigadoo 251
Principal Health Inspector Mr. L. Soneea 305
Senior Health Inspector Mr. Matombé 267
Senior Health Inspector Mr. Dookhee 424 8107 (Direct Line)
Health Inspector   267
Health Inspector Mrs. Seetohul 253
Health Inspectors

Mr. Issuree

Mr. Rughooputh

Mr. Ramjauny

Mr. Jankeeparsad

Health Inspector Mr. Gunesh 424 8107 (Direct Line)
Office Management Assistant Ms. A.Beharee 280
Overseer Mr. Hossany 
Gangman Mr. Baichoo 250

Inspectors per locality

Locality/Regions Supervision Ext.
Region - Palma, Bassin,
La Source
Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspector
Mr Matombé

Mr Issuree


Region - Old Quatre Bornes Senior Health Inspector

  Health Inspector
Mr Matombé

Mr Ramjauny

Region - Morc St Jean,
Morc Sodnac, Cossigny Avenue, Candos Region
Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspector


Commercial Centre Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspector
Mr Matombé

Mr Issuree

Drains Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspector
Mr Matombé

Mr Ramjauny

Quatre Bornes Market/Fair

Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspectors


Mr Dookhee

Mr Gunesh

Mr Jankeeparsad

424 8107 (Direct Line)
Doyen Fair Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspector

Mr Dookhee

Mr Rugooputh
424 8107 (Direct Line)
Belle Rose, Trianon, Pellegrin, Ebène Senior Health Inspector

Health Inspector


Mr Rughooputh






Tel: 454 8054 – Fax: 467 6295 – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief Welfare Officer: Mrs. R. SUMBOO

Ext 255

Direct line: 466 8962

Principal Welfare Officer: Mrs. G. SEWPAL

Ext.: 289

Senior Welfare Officer: Mrs K.Gungadhur

Ext.: 256

Store (for loan of items):

Ext 270

Welfare officers:

Miss. M.Arlanda

Ms Bhavna Mohun


Ext. 310

Ext. 313

Welfare centres:



Jean Roland Delaitre Sports ComplexPavillon Reception HallCentre des Vacances et des Loisirrs

465 2749

St Jean

Jean Margéot Social Hall, Résidence St Jean

467 8322


Residence Kennedy Social Hall

427 3001

Belle Rose

Municipal Reception Hall,Social Hall,Municipal Infant School

465 0916

Pere Laval

Social HallDay Nursery/ Infant School

467 8321

464 3563

Guy Rozemont:

Jos Guy Rozement Statium

424 3561


Shrimati Indira Gandhi Social Hall

426 0226

Town Hall

Municipal Reception Hall

467 9883


Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal Social HallMunicipal Infant School

526 1755


Nelson Mandela Social Hall

427 4612



Jean Marie Marot Activity Centre

464 3350


Fax: 454 0066
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief Executive Mrs S. Coonjan-Jugroop Extension: 291
Ag. Deputy Chief Executive Mrs. D.Jankee Extension: 224
Assistant Chief Executive Mr. R. Seenauth Extension: 239
Principal Internal Control Officer Mrs. R. Ramjeawon Extension: 334
Internal Control Officer/Senior Internal Control Officer Mrs. M. Luchan-Dauharry Extension: 339
H.R.M.O Mrs. C. Nagalingum Extension: 247
Senior Librarian Mrs. N.Sayedhossen-Nundoosing Extension: 259
Librarian Mr. Mike Lai-Cheong-King Extension: 257
I.T. Officer / Systems Administrator Mr. Philippe Wong Extension: 242