1. Shrimati Indira Gandhi Social Hall (Palma)

2. Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal Social Hall (Route Bassin)

3. Nelson Mandela Multipurpose complex (Berthaud)

4. Residence Kennedy Multipurpose complex (Residence Kennedy)

5. Sir Gaetan Duval ‘Multipurpose complex (Residence Pere-Laval)


Services: Periodicals and newspapers, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, children's corner

Opening Hours of reading points:

Weekdays: 14.00 – 17.00

Saturdays: 9.00 - 12.00

Opening hours of reading points during school holidays:

Weekdays: 10.00 – 17.00 (closed for Lunch from noon to 13.00)

It is interesting to point out that the above facilities are all free.



Sir Satcam Boolell Mediathèque (Public Library)
1st Floor, Belle Rose Municipal Social Hall,
Royal Road, Belle Rose
Tel: 466-6825

Sir Satcam Boolell Mediathèque was inaugurated on the 21st August 2006. It occupies an average of 600 square metres.

Services provided at the SSB Mediathèque are:

· Loan facilities for books (adult and children) with some 2,500 books
. Loan of periodicals (some 30 titles).
. Cybercafé with internet access and facilities like scanning, Word, Excel and print outs.
. Reference service for students and researchers.
. Newspaper and periodical corner.
. Archives

Opening hours: Monday – Friday : 8.45 to 17.00. Saturdays: 8.45 to noon.

Membership for adult section: a refundable deposit of Rs 100 / book for a maximum of 3 books

Membership for children: a refundable deposit of Rs 100 for a maximum of 2 books.

For non-residents of the town: Deposit of Rs 100 / book and an annual fee of Rs 60 –

Internet : .50 cs per minute

Print: Rs 1.00 / A4

Photocopy: Rs 1.00 / A4 , Rs 2.00 / A3

Sodnac Branch Library
Dr. James Burty David Municipal Complex,
Tel: 425-6898

Services: Lending (books and periodicals), Children’s corner, Reference, Newspapers and periodicals, Cybercafé (free)

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 14.00hrs – 17.00hrs

Saturdays: 8.45hrs – noon

Opening hour during school holidays:

Weekdays: 10.00hrs – 17.00hrs (closed from noon to 13.00hrs)

Saturdays: 8.45hrs - noon

Membership :

Children: a refundable deposit of Rs 100 for 2 books.

Adult: a refundable deposit of Rs 100 / book for a maximum of 3 books

Annual subscription:

For non-residents of the town: Rs 60
For residents of the town: free

Internet: 5 PCs with ADSL- Free access