Administration Department

Fax: 454 0066
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Acting Chief Executive Mrs T.Narsinghen Extension: 291
Acting Deputy Chief Executive Mr. I. Luchan Extension: 239
Assistant Chief Executive Mr. R. Seenauth Extension: 281
Internal Auditor Mr. F.A Hassanally Extension: 334
Principal Internal Control Officer Mrs. R. Ramjeawon Extension: 336
H.R.M.O Mrs. C. Nagalingum Extension: 247
Senior Librarian Mrs. N.Sayedhossen-Nundoosing Extension: 259
Librarian Mr. Mike Lai-Cheong-King Extension: 257
Safety and Health Officer Ms Sunassee Extension: 327
Local Disaster Management Coordinator Mrs Callychurn Extension: 333
I.T. Officer / Systems Administrator Mr. Philippe Wong Extension: 242