Sir Satcam Boolell Mediathèque (Public Library)
1st Floor, Belle Rose Municipal Social Hall,
Royal Road, Belle Rose
Tel: 466-6825

Sir Satcam Boolell Mediathèque was inaugurated on the 21st August 2006. It occupies an average of 600 square metres.

Services provided at the SSB Mediathèque are:

· Loan facilities for books (adult and children) with some 2,500 books
. Loan of periodicals (some 30 titles).
. Cybercafé with internet access and facilities like scanning, Word, Excel and print outs.
. Reference service for students and researchers.
. Newspaper and periodical corner.
. Archives

Opening hours: Monday – Friday : 8.45 to 17.00. Saturdays: 8.45 to noon.

Membership for adult section: a refundable deposit of Rs 100 / book for a maximum of 3 books

Membership for children: a refundable deposit of Rs 100 for a maximum of 2 books.

For non-residents of the town: Deposit of Rs 100 / book and an annual fee of Rs 60 –

Internet : .50 cs per minute

Print: Rs 1.00 / A4

Photocopy: Rs 1.00 / A4 , Rs 2.00 / A3