Projects in progress


1. Embellishment of green spaces
2. Replacement of sodium vapour lanterns by Led lights
3. Construction of Multipurpose Complex at Beau Sejour
4. Renovation of Newton House (phase 2)
5. Construction of new roads within the township
6. Fixing of lighting in parking of Quatre Bornes Market Fair
7. Design and Fixing of metal staircase at Pellegrin Social Hall
8. Construction of incinerator at Berthaud Cremation Ground
9. Lopping of branches within the Township
10. Resurfacing of roads within the Township
11. Construction of new roads within the Township
12. Construction of drains within the Township
13. Waterproofing works at Ebene Gymnasium
14. Sports Flooring at Palma Wellness Centre
15. Supply of LED floodlights for Municipal Football Ground
16. Construction of cloakroom at Palma Municipal Wellness Centre
17. Construction of a multi purpose complex at Residence Kennedy
18. Construction of Toilet Block in Père Laval Nursery
19. Renovation of Finance department