Head of Department Mr. I. Subratty Ext 270
Planning and Development Officer Mr N. Baurhoo Ext 271  
Chief Building Inspector Mr Dhaneswar Munoruth Ext 325  
Planning Development Inspector Mr Avinash Hurril Ext 271


Counter   Ext 265  
Senior Building Inspector Mr. A.Jeewon

Ext 322

Building Inspector Mr. J.L. Veder Ext 274  

Building Inspector

Mr. S. Cadapen

Ext 272


Building Inspector

Mr. I. Tengur

Ext 274


Cadastral Officer

Mrs N.Bootun

Ext 226


Assistant Cadastral Officer Mr. R. Munoruth Ext 226  
OMA Mrs. M. Tilhoo Ext 268  
Word Processing Operator Mrs. M.Ramkalawon Ext 230