Mayor's Speech

Speech of Mayor Nagen Mootoosamy


Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

Let me start by thanking the Honorable Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth and the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Collendaveloo for entrusting me with this “once in a lifetime” responsibility.

I would also like to thank all members of parliament for their support and advice, and I have a special thought today for Mrs Soolekha Raddhoa.

She has been an excellent Mayor, always ready to find solutions for our citizens.  I must admit that she has been instrumental in running the affairs of this local administration. 

In fact, before her tenure, there was the one of Mr Atmaram Sonoo, So I will be the third Mayor who will keep on doing the good work on the same pace set by my predecessors.  Hence, my task will be that of assuring continuity. 

I would also like to thank warmly all my colleague councillors for putting their trust in me… And to them I will say this:

We are a team

We are all Mayors

Nothing is possible without all of you

This is why I humbly ask, once again, for your full support in transforming our Town into a shining beacon.

Last but not least, thank you to all the staff of the Municipal Council of Quatre Bornes for their daily effort, in making sure this Town runs smoothly. 

Dear friends, 

The Town of Quatre Bornes is a true haven to live in. It is well known for its residential areas but also for commercial activities with the very popular ‘Foire de Quatre Bornes’.  Let’s not forget that it is under this governmental mandate that we succeeded in having a brand new Foire.  Tomorrow, with the Metro Express linking us to Rose Hill and Port Louis, our city shall be at the cross-roads of modernity.

I must say that the government is investing a lot in modernising our society on a whole.  This investment is a pledge and trust in future generations.

The MSM-ML alliance has at heart the development and progress of our youth.  And our young Prime Minister is an example to follow, he has done so much in so little time that we often ask ourselves how he does that.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me remind you that the buzzing cyber-city is within the delimitations of Quatre Bornes.  There are around 50,000 young professionals working there.  They surely represent a massive force for which a Town like Quatre Bornes should be offering solutions in terms of leisure or catering. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will now address myself to the citizens of Quatre Bornes. My priorities for this mandate are to make sure that essential services are being delivered to the up-most level of satisfaction.  Services such as:

     1. Waste Collection

     2. Street lighting

     3. Maintenance of drains and pavements

     4. Construction of new drains in flood prone areas

     5. Easy access to our social halls and sports complexes

     6. And finally, to make sure once and for all that our roads are in top shape


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our Mayorship will also be focusing on the future as you are all aware we have a young Dynamic Prime Minister who is focusing a lot on the future generations and the leaders of tomorrow… that being said, we at the level of the Local Government we will be organising:-

      1. Drug awareness programs by promoting sport activities


      2. Leadership programs to give all the necessary tools to our youth to better themselves


      3. We also want to implement an awareness campaign regarding the environment     


We all know that Quatre Bornes is well known as La Ville des Fleurs, and in the line, we will make sure that the Town reflects its title by focusing on embellishment and green areas.

Let me also reiterate that local government does not stand alone.  We are working in close proximity with central government …. And some will say “Lamé dan lamé”.  And in so doing, we will make sure that the Township of Quatre Bornes fully benefit from this close bond.

Finally, I wish to thank my family for accepting to take on more work load so that I can better serve my Town. 

Let me end by saying that it is my honor and privilege to serve my Town, my Country and my fellow Mauritians. 

Thank you.