Projects in progress


1.  Artificial turfing on Belle Rose, Residence Kennedy, Pere Laval and Chooroomoonee children playgrounds.
2. Upgrading works at Residence Kennedy Sports Complex.
3. Construction of drains and absorption drains within the township of Quatre Bornes.
4. Fixing of roof netting and cushions around poles on Residence St Jean mini soccer pitch.
5. Embellishment of Town Hall yard.
6. Fixing of new children play equipment in several children playgrounds.
7. Embellishment of green spaces
8. Replacement of sodium vapour lanterns by Led lights
9. Cleaning of drains and rivers within the Township of Quatre Bornes
10. Resurfacing of roads within the township of Quatre Bornes
11. Upgrading of Guy Rozemont stadium and planting of flowers
12. Upgrading and embellishment of multi-purpose complex at Mgr Leen Bassin and Bassin jogging track
13. Demolition of one concrete pyre at Berthaud crematorium.
14. Supply and fixing of roof netting at St Jean Mini Soccer Pitch.
15. Supply and fixing of heavy duty cushions around electric poles  at St Jean Minni Soccer Pitch.
16. Supply and fixing of one pair volley ball post at Navin Soonarane Sports Complex.
17. Supply and fixing of Badminton Post at Palma Wellness Centre and Mgr Leen Multipurpose Complex.