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Policy / Procedures for the Council to Declare Roads / Lanes Public

1. Petitions/requests received in writing from owners using the road or from the NDU (National Development Unit) to declare the road as public.

2. (i) Petitioners requested to submit copy of title deeds, location and survey plan.

    (ii) A letter of consent to be signed by heirs in cases where the owner is not alive.

3. Confirmation of road on title deeds by the Public Infrastructure Department.

4.  Access road which is right of way is not considered.

5. The minimum length of a road/lane to be declared public is 30m and the minimum number of lots/households in the road/lane shall be four (4).

6. The minimum width of road/lane to be declared public is 2.5m.

7. The onus to give the alignment of the lane/road proposed to be declared public rest on the applicants and in exceptional cases if need be, the services of a Sworn Land Surveyor will have to be retained by the applicants.

8. A report is submitted to the Council for a decision to approve or to set aside the application.

9. Upon approval of the Council, notice of ‘Intended Declaration’ is placed for a period of 30 days in a prominent position at the site to declare the road as ‘public’.

10. In the event that objections, if any, are received within the 30 days from the date of display, application is set aside if objector is confirmed to be owner of a property along the proposed road.

11. In the event, no objection is received within a period of 30 days, the road is included in a masterlist of roads to be tarred upon availability of funds.

12. Council will have to make the necessary publication in the Government Gazette with the descriptions of the road/lane including length and width for street naming.

13. The Road Act will have to be adhered to during the whole process.

Date: 19 October 2020