64 Powers of inspectors

(1) subject to subsection (2), every Inspector of a local authority
(a) shall have the powers, privileges and immunities and perform the duties of a police officer in the execution of all summonses and orders issued in relation to any offence against a law relating to a local authority or an offence committed within the limits of the boundaries of the towns, districts and villages as under any enactment specified in the First Schedule;
(b) may seize any article or animal which is the subject or matter of an offence under any enactment relating to a local authority where (i) the seizure is necessary for the purpose of establishing the offence; or
(ii) the article or animal is liable to confiscation;
(c) may, without warrant, arrest any person for any offence under any enactment relating to a local authority where the person
(i) not being known to him, refuses to give his name and address or gives a name and address which he has reason to consider to be false; or
(ii) runs away or attempts to run away, rescues any article way obstructs, [sic] hinders, opposes or molests the inspector;
(d) shall wear such uniform, and carry such staff or other insignia of office as the local authority shall, with the approval of the Minister, determine.

(2) (a) Any offender who is arrested pursuant to subsection 1(1)
(b) When the person arrested is not released, he shall be taken as soon as possible before a Magistrate.
(c) shall be taken forthwith to the nearest police station and the officer for the time being in charge of the station, if he is satisfied with respect to the name, position and place of abode of the person arrested, may release him provisionally after recording all the particulars concerning the case in the occurrence book of the station.

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