Pre-Primary Schools

There are 3 Pre primary schools which function under the management of the Welfare Department with around 68 children and a staff of 10 persons.

(1)   Belle Rose Infant School – Belle Rose, Quatre Bornes – Tel: 465 0916

(2)   Bassin Infant School – Balisage Bassin Rd, Q.Bornes – Tel: 427 9755

(3)   Residence Pere Laval Infant School and also Day Nursery (Infants from 18 months to 2 years residing in the Town) – Residence Pere Laval – Tel: 464 3563


Royal Kids Pre-primary School4240118
Papillon Jaune Pre-primary School4547224
Alouette Pre-primary School4253183
Angel’s Pre-primary School4672538
Les Coquelicots’s Pre-primary School4653195
Les Papillons Pre-primary School4667808
Kids Corner Pre-primary School4676126
Winnie Pooh Pre-primary School4270836
Les Marionettes Pre-primary School4646703
La Colombe Pre- primary School4243489
Barbapapa Pre-primary School4273792
Lapin Lapine Pre-Primary School4256952
Tooty Pre-primary School4542601
Bouba Pre-primary School4255078
Le Lys Pre-primary School4659574
Le Bon Berger Pre-primary School4270216
Les Joyeux Anges Pre-primary School4254486
Les Anges Pre-primary School4671282
Les Petits Papillons Pre-primary School4241480
Little Genius Pre-primary School4251902
Safe and Sound Pre-primary School4270819
Arden Junior School4653985
Chaperon Rouge4274262
Little Birds Pre-primary School4271446
Bufferfly Pre-primary School4274139
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