1927 Governor Herbert Read raised Rs30,000 for the acquisition of the property of Mrs Joseph Ariste Piat, on which the Town Hall was to be built
1930 On 22nd of March, Lady Grannum laid the foundation stone of the Town Hall. On the 27th of August, the Town Hall was operational.
1960 The Town Hall was seriously damaged by tropical cyclone Carol.
1963 The Council decides to build a new Town Hall. Foundation stone was laid by Lady Rennie.
1964 Inauguration of new Town Hall by Governor Sir John Shaw Rennie KCMG.

The Foundation Stone

Founded by Lady Grannum on the 22nd of March 1930, in presence of Sir Edward Allan Grannum, KGCMG, OAG, Hon. Tristan Avice, O.B.E., Mr. Langlois, Secretary, and Mr. Pitot, Chairman, and operational in August 1930, the original Town Hall was destroyed by the cyclone Carol in 1960. The stone with the engraved marble still intact has been recently unearthed in June 2003 by Municipal worker Mr Jalim during works in the yard of the Municipality.

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