Welfare Department

With a staff of 79 employees, the functions/responsibilities of the department are as follows:

  1. Organization of cultural, socio-cultural, youth, sports, leisure and recreational activities.
  2. Provision of pre-primary and adult education and day care centres.
  3. Provision of social halls for meetings, seminars & receptions.
  4. Loan store facilities for residents: chairs, tarpaulins and marquees.
  5. Coffin services
  6. Cater for women, senior citizens, NGO’s, Sportsclubs, handicapped persons, cyclone refugee centres & victims of fire and natural disasters.


The department is called upon to implement decisions of the Council and entertain requests emanating from NGO’s, sports clubs & socio cultural associations.  Requests should reach the Welfare Department at least one month in advance to be considered.


Religious festival

The department has to coordinate facilities and logistics granted to socio-cultural associations on the following occasions.

Ø    Cavadee

Ø    Fete du Printemps

Ø    Maha Shivaratree

Ø    Ougadi

Ø    Varusha Pirrapu

Ø    Easter celebration

Ø    Eid Ul Fitr

Ø    Marche sur le feu

Ø    Aadi

Ø    Canjee

Ø    Consecration of temples

Ø    L’Assumption

Ø    Ganesh Chaturthi

Ø    Receiving pilgrims for Pere Laval

Ø    Govinden

Ø    Durga Pooja

Ø    Divali

Ø    Christmas


Other activities organized by the department:

Ø    National Day Celebration

Ø    Abolition of Slavery

Ø    Labour day

Ø    X-Mas

Ø    Journée de l’environnement

Ø    Journée contre la toxicomanie

Ø    World Health Day

Ø    Parents Day

Ø    World Aids Day

Ø    International day of the elderly

Ø    International Women’s Day


Other halls/facilities leased to the public

(1)   Art Gallery for exhibitions

St Jean road, Quatre Bornes – Tel: 454 8054

(2)   Town hall/reception hall for wedding ceremonies & different functions

St Jean road, Quatre Bornes – Tel: 454 8054

(3)   Belle Rose reception hall for wedding & functions

Royal Road, Belle Rose – Tel: 465 0916

(4)   Pavillon reception hall for different functions

Ave Naz, Quatre Bornes – Tel: 427 4612

(5)   Marie Marot Activity Centre for activities organized by the elderly

Cnr Murray & Antelme Aves, Quatre Bornes – Tel: 464 3350


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Useful Links

  • Online Application of BLUP
  • Planning Policy Guide 7
  • Mun. Council of Vacoas Phoenix
  • Mun. Council of B.Bassin / R.Hill
  • City Council of Port Louis
  • Local Govt Service Commission
  • Public Procurement Office
  • Addendum to BLP guide
  • Housing and Land Use Planning
  • Min. of Local Government & DRM
  • Public Procurement Portal
  • LA Portal for e-services
  • Library Membership Form

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report 2021/2022
  • Annual Report 2019/2020
  • Annual Report 2018/2019
  • Annual Report 2017/2018
  • Annual Report 2016/2017
  • Report-January to June 2016
  • Annual Report 2015
  • Annual Report 2014
  • Annual Report 2013
  • Annual Report 2012

Fast track

  • Library-New Books & Periodicals
  • Protocol on Heavy Rainfall for the Public Sector
  • Home Emergency Plan
  • Amended Local Govt Act 2011
  • Potential Suppliers
  • Cyclone Preparedness Brochure
  • Anti-Corruption Policy for MCQB
  • Guidelines for self-assessment
  • Building & Land Use Permit Guide
  • Occupational Safety & Health Perf.
  • Conditions for the post of Part Time Yoga and Aerobics Instructor
  • Customer Charter
  • Publicity
  • Procurement Plan for Financial Year 2023/2024
  • Photo Gallery
  • Guideline for the installation of petroleum, electric or internal combustion engine
  • Form for self-assessment


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