Public Health Department

1. Scavenging Service

  • Scavenging service is provided by inhouse labour in the whole Town of Quatre Bornes:

(a)  For normal household waste                 : a once weekly service is provided

(b)  For commercial waste in the Town        : a daily service is provided

  • For the removal of refuse resulting for general cleaning of household premises and garden, a paid service depending on the availability of lorry and man power is provided as follows:

(a)    For every lorry load or fraction thereof with labour       –          Rs 1,500

(b)   For every lorry load or fraction thereof without labour   –          Rs 600

  • For the removal of trade / commercial refuse :

(a)  For every lorry load or fraction thereof with labour        –           Rs 2,000

(b)  For every lorry load or fraction thereof without labour   –           Rs 1,200


2. Cremation Grounds

The Health Department is also responsible for the cleaning of the cremation grounds namely at Trianon, Berthaud, Palma and also the Gas Crematorium at Palma.

For the Gas Crematorium at Palma, fees chargeable are (i) Rs 2,000 without coffin and (ii) Rs 3,000 with coffin.

Documents to be submitted when effecting payment:-

>     Death Certificate – Delivered by Civil Status Office

>     Original of cremation permit – delivered by Ministry of Health & Quality of Life

>     ID Card of applicant & Witness

The time of operation of the Palma Gas Crematorium is from 09.00 a.m to 04.30 p.m

Processing for payment is made at the Quatre Bornes Market (opening hours: 6 a.m to 18 hrs) Tel: 424-8107. Palma Crematorium – Tel: 427-0045

Note: Reservation of the cremation should be made prior to fixing of cremation and payment. Tel N0. (424-8107 / 427-0045)

Trois Mamelles Cemetery: For burial, please phone officers on 424-8107(Office of Quatre Bornes Market) and for late burial, please call on 59070921

3. Market / Fairs

Quatre Bornes Market / Fairs

Haberdashery Fairs                                                      Opening Hours

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays         :           06.00 a.m to 18 hrs

Vegetable Fairs                                                           Opening Hours

Wednesdays & Saturdays                             :           06.00 a.m to 18 hrs

Foodcourt Everyday from                                           6am to 18hrs 


Weekdays  and Saturday                           –           06.00 a.m to 18 hrs

Sundays / Public holidays          –           06.00 a.m to noon

Co-operative Fairs organised by Ministry of Business Enterprise and Co-operatives (Co-operative Division)      –            On Monday as follows from 9am to 18hrs

9/4/18 , 25/3/18, 30/4/18, 14/5/18, 28/5/8, 11/6/18

25/6/18, 9/7/18, 23/7/18, 30/7/18, 20/8/18, 27/8/18

10/9/18, 25/9/18, 8/10/18, 22/10/18, 29/10/18, 19/11/18



Doyen Fair (Belle Rose)


Sundays only:   Vegetables / Haberdashery       –           06.00 a.m to noon


4. Trade Fees

Processing of trade fee – New Application

For Exempt Developments and for those requiring a Building and Land Use Permit, application is made at the Planning Dept. and after having satisfied the criteria of the Planning Dept, processing for payment of trade fee is done at the Health Department.

Renewal of payment of trade fee is done at the Cashier Office.

For existing trades, payment of trade fee in respect of every subsequent financial year is done in 2 equal instalments, the 1st installment on or before 31 January and the 2nd installment on or before 31 July next ensuing.

A Surcharge of 50% shall be levied on any amount not paid within the period prescribed above.

Trade Refuse fees are levied when payment of trade fees is effected.

5. Cleaning of drains and rivers

Types of drains within the Township:-

(i)                Open drains

(ii)                Covered drains

(iii)               Absorption drains

Presently, drains are cleaned by inhouse labour as per programme and upon request / complaints.

Rivers are also cleaned by inhouse labour at specific places especially where religious activities are being carried out.

6. Cleaning of Barelands

Notices are served by the Inspectorate to known owners of bareland requiring them to clean their premises within a delay of 15 days failing which prosecution may be initiated by the Council.

For unknown barelands found within 100 m from residential premises upon complaints and whenever possible, a strip of about 5 m is cleared by municipal labour by means of cutlasses and bush cutters and in certain cases by JCB.

7. Herbicide Spraying

Herbicide spraying is done by inhouse labour alongside roads and public places as per a scheduled programme and upon requests.

Weeding is done near schools so as to limit the use of herbicides near such Institutions.

8. Rodent Control

Rodent control is carried out in municipal premises, public places and housing estates by private contractor.

Baits are regularly placed by the Contractor and follow up is carried.

9. Poster Panels

70 Poster panels are cleaned by the Health Department as and when required.

Application for fixing of posters and payment are made at the Treasury Department.

10. Public Lavatories

  1. Jules Koenig Public Square Toilet
  2. Guy Rozemont Public Toilet (La Louise / Candos)
  3. Louvet Public Toilet (Berthaud)
  4. Sir William Newton Public Toilet

Cleaning at above sites is carried out by private contractor.

11. Complaints

Complaints are normally attended to within 48 hours and appropriate actions are taken as required. Complaints are also directed to other Authorities (Police De L’Environnement, Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, etc) for necessary action at their end.

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