Winners of Quiz and Essay Writing Competitions

Names of winners for Quiz Competition and Essay Writing Competition held on 9 June 2023 organised by the Municipal Council of Quatre-Bornes

1.Quiz Competition for Grade 6 students of Quatre-Bornes

Winner: ELAHEE Jannat and JAMALKHAN Nelsen of Rémy Ollier Govt School
1st Runner Up: RAMASAMY Yannish and BESSOON Devisha of Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo Govt School
2nd Runner Up: MOOTOOVEEREN Brydon and BEAUMONT Annaiëva of Louis Nellan Govt School

2. Essay Writing Competition: Grade 12 students for colleges of Quatre-Bornes

Title: ‘The advantages and disadvantages of online classes compared to the traditional classes, and its impact on education.’.

Winner:  DOOKHEE Neha of Loreto College of Quatre-Bornes
1st Runner Up: MARIMOOTOO Teeana of Sodnac State Secondary School
2nd Runner Up: IRMA Tharanee of Loreto College of Quatre -Bornes

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