• Courses offered by the Municipal Council:- Yoga, Tai chi, Aerobic

Venue : All Municipal Social Halls

Application: Application forms available at the Welfare Department as from 2nd week of November each year.

Duration of course : February to Mid December

Ongoing Municipal Sports Schools

• Table Tennis

• Boxing

• Kick Boxing

• Karate

Venue : Municipal Social Halls

N.B. For additional information contact the Welfare Department Municipal Social Halls

• Belle Rose Social Hall

• Sir Charles Gaetan Duval Social Hall (Residences Pere Laval)

• Nelson Mandela Social Hall ( Berthaud Avenue)

• Shrimati Indira Gandhi Social Hall (Palma)

• Residence Kennedy Social Hall



Sports Complexes – Basket ball/ volley ball/ hand ball/ Petanque Court/ Tennis Court

1. Jos Guy Rozemont Stadium (Candos)  
2. Residence Kennedy Municipal Complex  
3. La Source Sports Ground (with lighting facilities)  
4. Residence St Jean Football Ground (with lighting facilities)  
5. Residence Pere Laval Sports Complex (with lighting facilities)  
6. Palma Football Ground (No lighting facilities)  
7. Bassin Football Ground (belongs to SILWF, maintenance, trimming, etc… by municipal employee)  
8. J.R.Delaitre Sports Complex (with lighting facilities)  
9. Ebene Gymnasium & Football Ground  
10. Sodnac Football Ground Govt School Used by the citizens of Quatre Bornes
11. Baichoo Madhoo Football Ground Maintained and trimmed by municipal employees
12. E.Rochecouste Football Ground Govt School  


Sports Club

There are 65 sports club affiliated with the Municipality.


Club 1st Division

Football: Association Sportive de Quatre Bornes


Club 1st Division

Volleyball: Quatre Bornes Volleyball Club, Quatre Bornes Volleyball Club (Feminine), Club Sportive Trotters de Quatre Bornes


Sports event organized by the department:

Competitions, football, volleyball, handball, basket ball, Petanque, beach volley, street football, boxing, athletism, cycle race, moto cross, Body Building, Badminton, Karaté, Sport Awards, etc…


The following associations are affiliated to the Municipal Council.
For additional details and Phone Numbers, kindly contact the Welfare Department.
Cercle de St Esprit Sports Club 38, Murphy Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Swansea Club Résidence Kennedy, Quatre Bornes
West Ham United Club 34, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes
Groupement des Jeunes Youth Club Bk H27, Avenue L'Egalite, Résidences Kennedy, Q.Bornes
Beau Séjour Sports Club Bk E4, Robert Edward Hart Avenue, Quatre Bornes
La Source United Club La Source, Quatre Bornes
Olympic de Quatre Bornes Sports Club Gangamah Avenue, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Santos Sporting Club Pousse Passe Lane, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes
Résidences Kennedy United Football Club Résidences Kennedy, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Aztec Sporting Lcub Belle Rose, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Père Laval United Football Club Résidences Père Laval, Quatre Bornes
Cercle de Pellegrin Sports Club Royal Road Pellegrin, Quatre Bornes
Ollier Bees Sports Club 59, Dr Ross Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Bassin Road, Starlight Sports Club Cnr. Coorperative Avenue, Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes
La Source Ronin Sports Club Avenue La Ferme, Palma, Quatre Bornes
Beau Séjour Flying Sports Club 8 Leckning Street, Rose Hill
La Louise Light United 154, Victoria Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Red Star S.C 166, Ollier Avenue, Quatre Bornes
ISCA Sporting Club 23, Boundary Road, Rose Hill
Association Sportive de Palma Palma Road, Quatre Bornes
Palma Progressive S.C Palma Road, Quatre Bornes
Jokers Sporting Club Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes
Association Sportive de Quatre Bornes Laseringue Avenue, Palma, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Sodnac F.C Cnr. SSR & Perdrix Avenues, Quatre Bornes
Manick Lane Sporting Club Manick Lane, Quatre Bornes
Club Sportif Trotters de Quatre Bornes Avenue St Louis, Belle Rose
New Horizon Sports Club Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Gojugan Karaté Club Ollier Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Club Athletisme Résidences Kennedy Résidences Kennedy, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Volleyball Club 46, D'Epinay Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Fire Hawks Handball Club Rajcoomar Lane, Quatre Bornes
Magic de Quatre Bornes Morcellement Sodnac, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Veteran Football Team c/o Welfare Department, MQB
White Eagle Socio Cultural Club Palma Junction Road, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Athletic Association 76, Avenue Celicourt Antelme, Quatre Bornes
Belle Rose Beau Séjour Multisports Club Avenue St Louis, Belle Rose
La Source Centre Sporting Club Rotin No. 1, Palma, Quatre Bornes
Club Bouliste De Doyen Quatre Bornes Avenue Doyen, Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes Town Centre Tennis Club 5, D'Epinay Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Candos Sporting Club Opposite Victoria Hospital, Quatre Bornes
Bassin Quatre Bornes United Appadoo Lane, Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes
Résidences Kennedy Sylver Phanton Judo Club D45, Avenue de La Confiance Résidences Kennedy
Express Sports Club De Belle Rose 36, Lapeyrousse Avenue, Belle Rose
Club Athletisme de St Esprit Sir Virgil Naz Avenue, Quatre Bornes