To be a living model in partnership and networking with its stakeholders for the highest standards of excellence and unrivalled quality of life.

Mission statement:

To ensure a timely and quality service to all stakeholders. To improve the quality of life of the citizens of the town.


• To satisfy the needs of the citizens by providing them with essential services, facilities and infrastructures to improve their welfare.

• To promote sustainable development and proper management of the town.


In line with existing laws and regulations the main duties of the Council are:

• The Construction, maintenance, lighting and cleaning of all public roads falling in the municipal jurisdiction.

• Collection and removal of household, industrial, commercial and agricultural waste.

• The construction and maintenance of open spaces, parks, gardens, bus shelters.

• The provision and regulation of public market and fairs.

• The processing and delivery of building and land use permits.

• The provision and organization of welfare, social, sports, recreational, artistic and educational activities.

• The control of pollution causing public and private nuisance.

The control of trade and premises used for commercial, industrial, professional and other related activity


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